Documentary, cinema, dance, music and theater, cultural channels that will be the main projects to forge the tricolor tie that unites and facilitates the understanding between the fellow countries of Panama and Thailand; Highlighting cultural aspects that arise from everyday similarities.


H.E. Vira Rojpojchanarat, Minister of Culture of the Kingdom of Thailand, received the Ambassador H.E María del Carmen Martínez Arosemena in the new headquarters of the Ministry, located in the new great center of art and culture that will be inaugurated soon.


H.E. Rojpojchanarat made reference to Latin American countries, highlighting Panama in its connectivity and referring to the Panama Canal as an important axis for the country’s economy. He also expressed his gratitude towards the permanent support received from the Embassy of Panama in Bangkok, in its participation in the different cultural initiatives that boosts his workforce.


The Ambassador mentioned the links between Panama and Thailand and highlighted the similarities between the two countries in geographical, climatic and cultural aspects, especially dance and traditional folklore.

His Excellency expressed the willingness to receive the visit of the Director of the Institute of Culture of Panama in order to exchange common areas of interest and benefits of cultural cooperation, given that Thailand and Panama have not yet signed a cooperation agreement in the cultural area and offered the advice of Ms. Yuthika Isarangkura Na Ayutthaya, Director of the Bilateral Cooperation Group, in terms of making recommendations and suggestions for sites included in a forthcoming documentary in the Kingdom of Smile, as part of a project of cultural diplomacy being carried out by the Diplomatic Representation of Panama in Bangkok.

At the end of the diplomatic meeting, His Excellency gave the Ambassador a series of 25 Books, which treasure the Thai culture.



  • H.E. María del Carmen Martínez Arosemena, Ambassador of the Republic of Panama in the Kingdom of Thailand.
  • HE Vira Rojpojchanarat, Minister of Culture of the Kingdom of Thailand.
  • Ms. Yuthika Isarangkura Na Ayutthaya, Group Director for Bilateral Cooperation.
  • Ms. Benjaporn Saligupta, Secretary of the Ambassador.