Bangkok, Thailand. March, 2017

The Embassy of the Republic of Panama to the Kingdom of Thailand strongly believes that education is the main tools to understand better the host country. According to the equivalent exchange principle, we did a courtesy to Thammasat University, on the purpose of planning a presentation for a group of prospects, students, teachers and curious people about some specific topics that interfere the educational population of such a prestigious university.

The talk will last about one hour at the Academic Fair in August at Thammasat University, Rangsit Campus. The selected topics are about the Panamanian culture and its logistical structure, since they have been the leader of Latin America for the last 5 years. It seeks for dynamically addressing aspects of idiosyncrasy that hold similarities to facilitate the assimilation of content, including audio visual material and incentives for all participants.

In conclusion, both sides leave a direct communication channel to strengthen educational exchange, which ends up with being one of the pillars of the bridge that unites Panama and Thailand, Panathai.

This meeting was attended by Ms. Jiraporn Phornprapha, Associate Dean of International Affairs, and Mr. Thitipong Duangkong, Professor of History (Spanish teacher).